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UN Women Canada Denies Granting Rona Ambrose With An Award

News outlets have been publishing a story indicating that Rona Ambrose has been granted a special award by UN Women Canada for her outstanding work in “leading the campaign to have the United Nations proclaim October 11th, The International Day of the Girl.  In a public statement, Rona Ambrose confirms UN Women Canada’s intention to deliver her this award and says:

Each year, the UN Women Canada Award is presented to an individual who has contributed to one or more of the following goals:

  • promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality;
  • ending violence against women and girls;
  • protecting and promoting women’s human rights;
  • strengthening women’s economic capacity;
  • transforming government by promoting women’s participation in decision-making;
  • contributing to a greater awareness of women’s issues globally.
Many were angered and confused by UN Women Canada’s decision.
Annick Desjardins was one of them. She emailed the organization asking for some answers. How could a minister who has bluntly opposed the right to safe and accessible abortion, be awarded with a prize celebrating her dedication to women’s rights?
Well, turns out UN Women Canada never issued her any award.
This was their response: 

"Many thanks for your email,

Please be advised that we have not presented any awards nor have we made any annoucements of such. Our President, Ms Jiwani is presently in Paris advocating for girls and women. She was not aware of the Ms Ambrose’s annoucement until late yesterday. I will forward your email to our PR member.”

When I demanded some answers, I received a similar response:

we have not presented any awards or made any announcements.”
Both of us were told our emails would be forwarded to the Public Relations Department but no further information has been given to us so far.  In other words, you might want to grab some tartar sauce, ‘cause i smell something fishy.

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